Dazzle Dancer Biographies

Chunky Cupcake Dazzle

Chunky Cupcake Dazzle HimselfChunky Cupcake Dazzle (or Chunky for short) was born in Barbados in a coconut tree. Raised by hot island booty-poppers, he is our secret weapon booty-poppin' weapon of mass weapons destruction. He is also capable of clearing entire rooms with the potent power of his methane explosions- Chunky has been certified by NASA as single-handedly responsible for 20 percent of the hole in the ozone layer. Chunky is currently undergoing lower-intestine replacement surgery, a procedure that the doctors say will finally enable him to be the official Dazzle glitter cannon. Chunky is also a unicorn in disguise- SHHHhh!!!

















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