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Dazzle Dazzle Himself Dazzle Dazzle, a founder of the DD, was a choreographer living in Santa Monica creating signature moves for Paula Abdul, Shalimar, Animotion, and Michael Jackson. Soon, though, he was introduced to the craven drug and party scene, and turned to Scientology for solace. He defected from Scientology in the late Eighties, escaping to South America and studiedethnobotanism with the shamans of the Amazons throughout the early Nineties. In July of 1993, Dazzle was on a personal spiritual journey in the Amazon and partook in a shamanic ritual, drinking a solution of Marajuana and the potent Ayahuasca, and spent a month wondering the jungles feeling the cosmos bleed into and out of his mind and body. Now Dazzle believes he is not of one Earth, and spends his days seeing through our perceived existence into other times, dimensions, and unperceived phenomena. Being able to live in multiple realities has enabled him to perfect 80's dance moves to a 90's beat in a new, millenial manner. Philosopher and spiritual guide of the Dazzle Dancers, Dazzle believs the only way to live in human form is to experience everything in the present tense: get love, give love, or have frequent sexual encounters

















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