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Pretty Boy Dazzle

Pretty Boy Dazzle HimselfPretty Boy Dazzle was born of circus people. He began his career in show business at age 2, playing the North-American Southwest Petting Zoo circuit—where he gained a reputation for attempting tricks with small horses and goats. Moved by a mystical desire to bring his dance-magik to parts outside of his usual milieu, he left the circuit at age 8 to begin a solo odyssey that took him to the stages of off-the-beaten-path amusement parks, conventions, and trade shows—a niche that Pretty would ply for many years. It was in this phase of his career that his bitter rivalry with "Up with People!" began, competing for the same crusts of an increasingly jaded audience. Although early on Pretty tried to work with "Up with People!" by auditioning for the troupe, their performance style—which involved practice AND rehearsal—was too confusing for Pretty Boy, and "Up with People!" rejected his peace offering and refused him membership. (To this day, Pretty insists he "didn't really want to be in their stupid group anyway"). It was in this context that P-Boy first discovered the Dazzle Dancers. After a particularly long slog of a winter playing highway rest stops for weary travelers and motorists—volunteer, and without pay!—Pretty was invited to join the Dazzle Dancers, themselves travelers and motorists, as they made their way to a gig in Miami, Florida. Mr. Boy is still not quite up-to-speed with some of the more complicated routines, but his creative relationship with the Dazzle Dancers endures. (So fuck you, "Up with People!").

















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