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Propecia Destiny Dazzle

Propecia Destiny Dazzle HerselfPropecia Destiny Dazzle was born and raised on the streets of New York City, and is sometimes referred to as "Project" Dazzle. She is also known as "Pussy On Your Shoulder" Dazzle, as pictured here with Machine Dazzle. As a young flower blossoming through the cracks of this concrete jungle, her dance dreams were born watching that hot asian chick with the really long hair on SOUL TRAIN, and that hot black chick with the really long hair on SOLID GOLD. A member of the Michael Jackson fan club circa the THRILLER era, she kept trying to bring peace to the streets like he did in the "Beat It" video , but mostly just ended up grabbing her boom box and running for her life, sometimes even right at the beginning of her choreography. Propecia is so proud to be the Latina chick with the really long hair DD, and is trying to start a chapter of Dazzle Dancers Against Dazzle Dancers' Excessive Drug Use and Drunk Driving, but no one believes that she's really stopped smoking crack. She swears this time she has, and is just high on life, really, truly. Propecia Destiny aka "Project" Dazzle would like you to know that at least one Dazzle Dancer is in love with you right now, this very moment.

















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