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Sochny Dazzle

Sochny Dazzle HimselfBorn the former Soviet Union, Sochny began his foray into showbiz as a stuntman in propaganda films . As early as five years old, Sochny was strapped to the wings of airplanes in musicals touting the progress of Russian industry. At 18 Sochny's image could be seen all over Russia on posters and billboards, his fist raised leading the workers. In 1987 Sochny's career ended abruptly while filming a educational short in Siberia about the danger of combining vodka with ice skating. The turned ankle, the slip, and the resulting coma led to an endless succession of doctors and experimental radiation treatments. Sochny's family soon turned to the West as the only hope to revive their son. By the cover of night in Krasnoyarsk they tied Sochny to a hot air balloon and hoped for the best. Their prayers were answered because Sochny landed safely in New York's central park. It just so happened that the Dazzle Dancers were rehearsing a few feet away! In a ritual that involved an enormous amount of Diet Coke and glitter, Sochny was magically awoken and has been a proud to serve his new country ever since.

















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