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Vinnie Dazzle

Vinnie Dazzle HimselfVinnie Borelli, as he was known before becoming part of the Dazzle family, co-founded the Dazzles over a bottle of video head cleaner in 1996. Vinnie was raised in Cliffside Park, N.J., and has been dancing for as long as he could remember, entertaining his large Italian-American family and winning numerous dancing awards in his home town, including first place for the Sisters of Mary 8th grade talent show. Vinnie worked the Bergen County Dance circuit till he moved to the Big Apple to follow his dream of hosting Dance Fever. (Cousin Joey, if you're reading this, mommy said you were a PA or something and might be able to help me out, please return my calls, sorry about last Christmas) Vinnie soon met Dazzle Dazzle and began building another family much like his own back home. A dance family built on friendship, morals, glitter and love of dance.

















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