Book the Dazzle Dancers for Your Next Event

The Power of Dazzle

The Dazzle Dancers are the ultimate party intoxicants. We've have been known to get crowds into frenzies that haven't been seen since Greco-Roman times. We are that swiveling, sexy garnish that makes your event one of those nights people never forget. It's almost guaranteed that by the time we are done, people will be on their feet dancing, and everyone will be kind of horny (we see it happen all the time)

The Package

Our numbers are always short, colorful and intensely glittered.  At three-to-five minutes a piece, we can perform one to three separate numbers. Upon your request, we will get naked (always a crowd pleaser) or remain respectfully in our satin thongs and just smile flirtatiously.

The Performances

We want to work with you to make a splash. With over 15 dances under our tight dance belts, we can find the right number to fit your venue. We've performed at fashion parties, corporate events, huge clubs, tiny stages, celebrity-filled soires, swanky benefits, seedy bars, and even with Blondie, The Scissor Sisters, FischerSpooner, Le Tigre, Nina Hagen, Jody Watley, Princess Superstar, Laura Branigan, Kate Pierson, Sandra Berhnard, MC Hammer—we know how to work any crowd, any size. If you want your event to be a history-making party, let's talk.

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