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Dazzle Dancers Manifesto

The Dazzle Dancers began in 1996 as a street performance in New York City's Tompkins Square Park. Eventually, we organized into a fluid group with a diverse and ever-changing membership, unified by our commitment to Dazzle in this often dreary world. Our subsequent performances in various nightclubs and theaters retain the spicy immediacy of street theater. We are a truly collaborative effort, more of a movement than an institution, sharing the credit for our performances with the multitudes who have contributed their talents to our project.

Our singular style of dancing and deep-felt group unity creates an infectious energy with audiences. Although we prefer to be nude, the Dazzle Dancers perform covered in glitter and stripped down to masterfully designed costumes. Our goals, however, extend beyond mere spectacle. We are committed to spreading a message of love and sexual freedom. We battle the forces of blandness, fear, and isolation so common in our clenched culture of coffee franchises, fear marketing, and money worship. All of this is accomplished through the powerful forces of dance, glitter, and fun.

The Dazzle Dancers have performed nationally at many late-night clubs, Coney Island Amusement Park, Wigstock, the Burning Man Festival in Nevada, and onstage with the Scissor Sisters, FischerSpooner, Le Tigre, Nina Hagen, Jody Watley, Princess Superstar, Laura Branigan, Kate Pierson, Sandra Berhnard, MC Hammer, and Blondie to a crowd of 20,000 people at the Millennium New Year's Eve Celebration in Miami, Florida. In October 2001, we danced through the streets of downtown New York, only weeks after the September 11 attacks, to give people a sorely needed sexy smile.


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